2014 Tech Trends for your Marketing Strategies

Whether your business is based online or not, technology plays a huge part in its success. Being on top of tech trends will impact your business directly in a positive light. Like everything else, being one step above is imperative to making your business prominent. Being on the forefront of the latest technology trends shows not only innovation, but willingness to keep up with the times. All this will portray you in a positive light, thus only enhancing your business image, and improving your strategies moving forward.

  1. Expect an evolution from obligation to a true value-add for customers and staff. These 2 are your main focus moving forward.
  2. The service integration model takes a sterner stance on the management of multiple suppliers.
  3. Competition will be higher in 2014 as consumers look for more devices and apps. Technology pace will increase and may cause disruptions among a range of industries.
  4. 6 countries that are a part of the global GDP growth will have a direct impact on economic opportunities. Companies all over the world will be forced to reinvent themselves to stay in the running.
  5. Decision-making for businesses in 2014 will be based more on big data, and this data will now be accessible through mobile.
  6. As 2013 saw The Rise of Mobile, 2014 will follow suit. Mobile will become the fore runner and thus all marketing strats, websites, app etc, will need to be made mobile-accessible.

Below are 5 points to which marketing analysts and industry experts have predicted for tech trends this year. Are you ready to innovate?

  1. Make use of all new technologies. Make your brand consistant through all channels. There can be a misconception to reinvent brands for different channels. This is not the case, keep your branding the same across ALL channels.
  2. Deliver useful content. Don’t drown your audience in a sea of information. Choose your timing, and remember to have a clear strategy.
  3. Knowing the needs of your audience is a common, all time must-do/ Monitoring tools on 2014 will aid you in finding gaps you might have missed. Research different apps and technologies that could help you to gain more of an insight to what your market is talking about.
  4. Prove a measurable ROI on your business objectives by using monitoring tools.
  5. Through all the innovation and change, keep your core business stable. Do not lose sight of your main objectives and do not attempt to branch out too much. Use these tech trends and apps to aid your core business function, rather than letting it overpower your original concept.
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