4 Website Marketing tips for your business

At any one time, there are 2 Million Blogs on the internet. These are just blogs, websites far exceed this number. To have a website floating around the millions of others is useless, unless of course you make your site work for you.

A business website is a door to the world. It creates an opportunity for a business to display products, services and their business as a whole 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Getting a website marketed is as important as marketing a business.

Website marketing will require spending money however, long term it is worth it. Web traffic is one of the most important goals to have regarding a website. To get this traffic through a site, people need to know that it is there. There are various ways to go about website marketing, all of which work well with one another.

PPC Advertising

Pay- per- click advertising can be set up and utilised to however much a business is willing to spend per month. In order to target the right keywords, a large amount of keyword research needs to be done around a specific business.

PPC is used on websites but more specifically on search engines. Adverts are placed next to the search results and when the visitor clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged. Also commonly known as click- per- cost, CPC, pay- per- click offers variants such as placement and ranking.

Seo or Organic

Organic searches are the most important as they make up approximately 80% of searches. Search Engine Optimisation makes use of careful use of keywords in web design structure, content, submission of sites to search engines and directories and creating a strong linking strategy.

Links pointing to the website

Submitting a website to a directory helps the site to be found and increases search engine rankings. Finding a directory that is specific to the business industry is beneficial.

Writing monthly articles and adding links to those articles is also a common technique. This can however be damaging if the links are pointing to the wrong sites.

Offline website marketing

There are various effective techniques to use that create awareness around a website. Any one of these when used correctly will result in word- of- mouth advertising which is the most successful of all. However to get to that point, business cards, newsletters, TV and radio ads and even promotional items offer a great opportunity to get people interested in and aware of a website.

Website marketing is vital, there is no doubt about it. With millions of businesses serious about their online presence companies need to ensure that they do all they can to get recognised on the internet.

Ceri is the Sales and Marketing Director at Talooma. Over about 15 years, Ceri has developed his passion for meeting people and selling, during which time he has mastered the art of networking and consulting. Ceri has enjoyed watching the Internet industry grow over the past 10 years in South Africa and has been very fortunate to have been a part of it.
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