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4 Website Marketing tips for your business

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

At any one time, there are 2 Million Blogs on the internet. These are just blogs, websites far exceed this number. To have a website floating around the millions of others is useless, unless of course you make your site work for you.

A business website is a door to the world. It creates an opportunity for a business to display products, services and their business as a whole 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Getting a website marketed is as important as marketing a business.

Website marketing will require spending money however, long term it is worth it. Web traffic is one of the most important goals to have regarding a website. To get this traffic through a site, people need to know that it is there. There are various ways to go about website marketing, all of which work well with one another.

PPC Advertising

Pay- per- click advertising can be set up and utilised to however much a business is willing to spend per month. In order to target the right keywords, a large amount of keyword research needs to be done around a specific business.

PPC is used on websites but more specifically on search engines. Adverts are placed next to the search results and when the visitor clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged. Also commonly known as click- per- cost, CPC, pay- per- click offers variants such as placement and ranking.

Seo or Organic

Organic searches are the most important as they make up approximately 80% of searches. Search Engine Optimisation makes use of careful use of keywords in web design structure, content, submission of sites to search engines and directories and creating a strong linking strategy.

Links pointing to the website

Submitting a website to a directory helps the site to be found and increases search engine rankings. Finding a directory that is specific to the business industry is beneficial.

Writing monthly articles and adding links to those articles is also a common technique. This can however be damaging if the links are pointing to the wrong sites.

Offline website marketing

There are various effective techniques to use that create awareness around a website. Any one of these when used correctly will result in word- of- mouth advertising which is the most successful of all. However to get to that point, business cards, newsletters, TV and radio ads and even promotional items offer a great opportunity to get people interested in and aware of a website.

Website marketing is vital, there is no doubt about it. With millions of businesses serious about their online presence companies need to ensure that they do all they can to get recognised on the internet.

Social Business – The Focus of NetProphet 2011

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

So what is Social Business, who’s doing it, and why is it so important?

NetProphetNet Prophet 2011 opened up with yet another bang this year, with Rob Gilmour covering the overall history and success of NetProphet to date. This year being no different, but with attendance exceeding the 1000 people mark.

The general theme of the event was that of Social Business, and why we should all be thinking about getting involved. Although the concept is a rather fresh one, it’s something that many businesses, to a large extent are already very actively involved in. The sad fact however, is that most businesses haven’t even considered the idea.

So what is Social Business?

Social Business ThinkingImagine if you will the impact of businesses working together not only for profit, but, in the process, creating a business model that adds immense value to the broader community that surrounds it. How many times have you found yourself frustrated by a number of things that just don’t work? How many times have you thought to yourself, if I had the means, I could fix this, and make it better?

Now take this example to the next level. Imagine, you were able to conceptualise the solution, get the right team of people together, employ a vast number of free technologies to support it, raise some funding along the way, and in the process, not only fix the initial problem, but make life better for all those impacted by the same problem, and while you’re at it, make a profit from your initiative.

This is Social Business.

Social business is not about running a charity, or a non-profit organization. It’s not even about doing things for free. On the contrary, social businesses make good profits, and all the while, they are aiding a greater cause, eliminating a problem, or just simply making life easier for all those around them.

While this might sound somewhat utopian, social businesses are already a reality in most parts of the world, delivering much needed relief from a wide variety of global challenges.

Two examples of such social businesses are:

Young Africa Live, a mobile-based community portal developed by the praekeltfoundation, where young people can openly discuss critical issues such as love, sex and relationships with each other, and mPedigree, a mobile service in Ghana and Nigeria that verifies via SMS the authenticity of medication prior to being taken. Saving millions of lives and recouping lost revenue to pharmaceutical companies.

Social businesses are sustainable, they deliver true value to their community, they build trust and most importantly, lasting customer relationships, and loyalty. Another great thing about social business is that, if set up correctly, they are a great source of ever increasing annuity revenue for the founding businesses.

Technology and Social Business

With the level of technology at our fingertips today, the possibility of social business also becomes that much more of a reality. The misconception of limited Internet access in places like Africa is now superseded by present day mobile phone penetration, allowing us to reach a much wider audience immediately. Social Media allows us to share and consume content and media much faster, while also collaborating on multiple projects in real time. And finally, the Internet provides the power of research right on our doorstep.

So, the next time you are faced with a situation that you find somewhat frustrating, chances are, you are not alone. The difference however is that you might be in a unique enough position to bring about a change that has a long-term benefit to your community, while making you a handsome profit in the process.

Red Bull and Cell C present Red Bull Mobile

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

With Red Bull having a strong presence in South Africa, they have decided to spread their wings and expand their product offering. In partnership with Cell C, Red Bull launched Red Bull Mobile on 8th February 2011 into South Africa.

This joint venture between Red Bull and Cell C offers customers two branded packages and four phones to choose form.

Red Bull phones

The phones are Red Bull branded and come standard with Red Bull Music Academy Radio and Red Bull X- Fighters.

Red Bull packages

The two packages are made up of the RBM100 (R149 per month) and the RBM200. (R249 per month)

Through the Red Bull Mobile portal, customers will have access to:

  • Red Bull TV
  • Free Red Bull downloads
  • News and updates on Red Bull events and athletes
  • Weather
  • News
  • Local entertainment

Red Bull is focusing on providing their customers with freebies and benefits: great if you are into sports and action.

  • Tickets to Red Bull Racing
  • Tickets to Top Gear Live Festival
  • Monthly copy of Red Bulletin (Global magazine)

The Red Bull energy drink has been a booming success in the sporting world and has certainly been the drink of choice for many keen athletes and sleepy heads around South Africa. Whether or not they are able to succeed in the mobile market is something that only time will tell. However with Cell C on board, the relationship that these two exceptionally strong and successful brands have could be the beginning of bigger and better things for Red Bull.

Zoopy- giving South African’s a chance to share with the world

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

It is always exciting when something great happens in South Africa, especially when it happens on the internet. You may have already heard about the South African “YouTube” creating waves amongst the internet surfers. Zoopy is its name and it certainly has left an impression.

In 2006, Zoopy was launched into closed beta where it then moved into live beta, available to the public on 5th March 2007. With some pretty high profile users like Helen Zille, Grant Haskin and Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro,) this online and mobile social media site has certainly been appreciated for a variety of different reasons.

▪ Share/ view videos

▪ Share/ view photos

▪ Share/ view audio clips

▪ Zoopy TV (content created by the Zoopy team)

With the character and personality of South Africans, what better way to show off our enthusiasm than offer a platform to express to the world the creative, artistic, clever, funny, talented, charismatic, colourful, glamorous, expressive side that we all have within us! (May be a little biased there) With the world cup successfully behind us, who wouldn’t want to continue seeing more from this exciting country?

How does Zoopy work?

Zoopy is fun, new and is South Africa’s first video and photo sharing social network. Why wouldn’t we need one of these considering the huge amount of talent we have on display in South Africa? Just like YouTube, Zoopy allows you to upload a variety of media, choose a channel, write a description and share with the world. Whether it’s funny or something a little more serious, even amateurs are able to contribute to Zoopy.

Once your upload is live it is able to be viewed by people all over South Africa and the rest of the world. Through using Zoopy you are also able to invite friends, family and who- ever you wish to view your media- provided they are a member of Zoopy. If however you choose to use Zoopy as you do YouTube, you are able to view videos and photos and enjoy the humor, interest and fun that others choose to share with the world.


Follow them on Twitter, subscribe to the blog or join the Zoopy Facebook page.

Google South Africa brings YouTube closer to home

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Google SA launched YouTube South Africa in an effort to make searching for and streaming video quality simpler and faster for South Africans. The South African version of the immensely popular video sharing social network runs off of

South African YouTube logo

It is not immediately clear how much content will be hosted on local servers, but it is definately clear that speed is a big reason for the service becomming local. As part of the launch a partnership agreement has been signed with the SABC and e-tv. This partnership agreement will allow the SABC and e-tv to stream a variety of current and past content on the platform. This means that they can connect on another level with their tv viewing audiences.

It is great to see that Google is beginning to embrace South Africa and the hunger that we have for all things online. Hopefully in the future a lot more of the Google gadgets that are common place overseas will begin to trickle in to Sough Africa.