Facebook’s 5 Star Ratings: Good or Bad?

How Will your Brand be Affected?

Hello Social Media folk… Facebook is bringing out a new application just for you. How do you feel about star ratings?

Well, say hello to Facebook’s new app. This brand feature displays a 5 star rating underneath the company’s name on business pages. These ratings are nothing new; however, the new placement could be an entirely new feature. Rest easy, this is still just in prototype mode. So why is a this big deal you may ask? Well, people are more likely to see it now with the new acquired visibility, and this will impact your strategy on a major level.  Here’s why:

The Good Side:

The stars are highly visible and very prominent. People used to look at the “talking about this” metric in order to judge how popular the brand was. But now, the star ratings put things into a new perspective. So instead of competing against other companies for more likes, your brand will now be aiming for positive star reviews. Here is where the quality VS quantity strategy comes into play once again. See another article reference here.

As opposed to competing for quantity of “likes” social media strategists are now able to focus on rather the business, and the quality thereof. By focusing more on the quality of your brand and engaging with the followers you already have, this enables more focus to be put on effective customer relations and content provided for your current followers.

The Bad Side:

As mentioned before, these 5 star ratings are prominent. And there’s no way to tell whether they will be displayed when suggested your page to other Facebook users. At the end of the day, not all businesses are going to have high ratings.

This could be affected by customer relationships, unethical ratings or bad reviews. This will all affect your ratings and your brands image.

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