Flash vs JQuery: A quick explanation

Often while brainstorming design briefs with new clients, the client will ask the question:

“What is the difference between Flash and JQuery, and which one should I be using on my website?”.

Below follows a brief explanation of this.

Flash has more animation capabilities than JQuery. For example, various items in a Flash presentation can be animated separately and to full effect. However, Flash files can at times take longer to load, and are not supported across some devices (eg. iPads, some mobile devices).

Flash is mainly used for complex animations, video/audio players, or complex multimedia.

JQuery is slightly more limited in animation capabilities, but often loads faster than Flash files. JQuery animations are largely used for image slideshow effects where less extensive animation is required.

JQuery can successfully be used on websites for image slide shows, popup windows, animated effects on buttons and menus, and to animate the display of sections of content.

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