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Talooma’s 67 minutes for Mandela Day

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Talooma visited the Ann Harding Cheshire Home to give 67 minutes for Mandela Day. Dressed up like Hippies (in celebration of our own “Hippie Day”) we spent time with some of the patients and were given an exclusive tour around the home.

Over the last few weeks we have been collecting clothing of all sorts which we planned to hand out on Mandela Day. The clothing was certainly appreciated with open arms when we arrived, (and so were our Hippie outfits.) Everyone at the home, although confused at first, seemed to take a liking to our 60’s dress sense and Mandela Day spirit and certainly had a giggle or two at us.

Located in Northwold, Randburg, the Anne Harding home was founded 30 years ago. Homing people with disabilities caused by various incidents, the home offers a bright, cheerful environment to all its residents. The well kept facilities provide various activities for patients to get involved in, with some playing solitaire, some making beaded jewelry and some just soaking up the warmth of the winter sun in the manicured gardens.

Everyone at Talooma is honored to have been given the opportunity to give their 67 minutes for Mandela Day to such a caring establishment.

Should you want to donate or give some of your time to the Ann Harding Cheshire Home during anytime of the year, call 011 792 3510/ 1 or email