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Sitemaps; their importance to the success of your website

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

There is an abundance of SEO tricks that assist in optimising a website. However one of the most important and often under- estimated is that of sitemaps.

Whether you have a small site or one that consists of hundreds of pages, sitemaps provide an important means of communication with search engines. Ensuring that your sitemap is updated will make navigating through a site easier and it certainly benefits both users as well as search engines with regards to classifying site content.

A sitemap gives your website better visibility to search engines and notifies search engines about each and every change that occurs on your website. This does not mean that changes will be indexed straight away, but they will certainly be identified and indexed quicker compared not having a sitemap.

Sitemaps help visitors to your site. If they are able to find information easily then the chances of visitors returning to your site is greater. Simply put, sitemaps are an extension to navigational aid where you display the structure of the website with links to all major sections and sub- sections of the site. It is vital that all links are correct and regularly updated to keep the sitemap updated at all times.

There are a large number of other benefits to using a sitemap on your website.

  • More freedom regarding external links
  • Assists with broken links
  • Speeds the process of indexing pages
  • Assists classifying site content
  • Highlights important pages
  • Enhances website design (footer sitemaps)

When you consider the benefits of a sitemap, it is easy to understand why they are so useful and necessary to your site. Through assisting you, your visitors, your traffic, as well as search engine rankings, sitemaps play an integral role in the success of not only your website but ultimately your business too.