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Generating Traffic through the use of Social Bookmarking Sites

Monday, September 21st, 2009

To be able to actively generate more traffic to your own site or blog, there are a number of methods you can follow. An important means of creating instant traffic and instant link juice is by firstly, posting relevant articles to your site or adding posts to your blog consistently, and secondly, by submitting these articles / posts to a number of social media and social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking (SB) has made this entire process more manageable and successful which results in generating website traffic that is both more consistent and more targeted. By posting your articles to social media and social book marking sites, which have large user bases, you are increasing the exposure to your article or post and thus increasing exposure to your site and its content. This in turn increases direct traffic to your site, improves Alexa ranking and is effective in creating valuable backlinks.

Social bookmarking sites such as, and provide quality backlinks as they are deemed important and relevant by Google and come up at the top of searches. So by submitting your articles to these sites, you are indirectly gaining link juice and organic search results from Google searches.

You do however need to be careful as to what bookmarking sites you are submitting to as not all of them will generate traffic even though they provide backlinks. Here we are mainly referring to sites where articles do not get instant exposure once posted.

The social media and bookmarking sites you want to submit to are those where your content appears instantly once submitted under, for example, the “new” or “latest” category – where users can read and then rate or vote on those articles to keep them current. An example of where this occurs is South Africa’s

Certain social media sites require you to categorize the new submission and / or to submit tags which pertain to the content of the post. Relevancy is of utmost importance here.

You also need to be careful not to be a spammer. This is where you submit irrelevant content or submit the same content over and over. Also your content needs to be of a high quality and standard as well as informative and value adding. If this is not the case your site will lose credibility with readers and will ultimately result in a decrease in traffic to your site.

Take Action Now

So what are you waiting for? Take some time (at few hours at least) and create accounts for all these social media and bookmarking sites to which you wish to publish your new content. You then need to publish posts and articles consistently to your blog or website and then submit the new content to all these social media accounts. This will then in turn increase exposure and traffic to your site.

Alternatively contact us @ DiscoverSEO and we can save you the time and energy by handling everything from writing the relevant keyword dense content to uploading it to your site and then to submitting it to at least 15 social media and bookmarking sites for you. This can be done on a regular basis to ensure optimum results.

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For a list of links to DoFollow and Nofollow sites and their page ranks refer to this article below:

Online marketing for the future

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

With the 2010 spectacular around the corner, marketing your small business online is definitely worth the effort. For those of you that don’t know where to start, I’ll outline some basic steps that will ensure you get the best out of this amazing opportunity.

Build a website
Find a good web development company to ensure that your business gets noticed online. I’d suggest choosing a well established company, one that includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) implementation.

Directory Listings
Getting your business noticeable is key. Add your business to as many online directories as you can find. Remember to keep it relevant to your site! For example, don’t add your business to an online farming directory if you’re selling accommodation. Ananzi and Aardvark are a good start, amongst many others.

Social Media
Twitter, facebook, etc. etc. are all really good ways of marketing online. This is ultimately the most popular method of online marketing. Get familiar with these online social communities and how they work, to effectively market yourself. Twitter reached 44.5million unique visitors for the month of June whilst facebook receives around 340million unique visitors each month. This is definitely worth your time.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
If you don’t have the time, or the ability to follow these steps, hire yourself a well known SEO company. They do this every day amongst hundeds of other tactics that will ensure your business succeeds.

Get started as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, the bigger head start your competitors are getting on you!

Will SEO still exist in 5 years?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

There is a lot of speculation going around at the moment about whether or not SEO will still be around in the next 5 years. With books such as “SEO is Dead” and the recent remarks from Matt Cutts, a lot of people will surely believe this idea. Despite Matt Cutts recent remarks, he has mentioned before that he believes SEO will still exist in 5 years. He goes on to mention that by using SEO, you are trying to put your websites best foot forward and that not all SEO companies use blackhat or illegal methods to achieve this. Make sure you do your research beforehand when choosing which company you would like to market your website.

With regards to the book titled “SEO is Dead“, which I believe to be a pretty good marketing campaign and has caused plenty of controversy, this book essentially highlights the fact (amongst others) that social media has become one of the most important methods of advertising online.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about SEO being extinct in 5 years. As long as there are search engines, and people who dont have a clue about how to market their business online, there will always be room for SEO’s and SEO marketing.

Pageload speed – A new SEO factor?

Friday, July 31st, 2009

It seems as if Google will probably be implementing pageload speed to their algorithm. Of course, this does make sense… somewhat. The quicker the page loads, the quicker you get the information, the happier you are. Right? Right. I guess this makes Google (and every other search engine) happy as well due to the fact that their bandwidth usage drops, and crawling speeds pick up making available more capacity for more information to be crawled at the end of the day. Which in turn is good for us at the end of the day

Just think about this for a minute. If there are 120billion websites (wild guess), and lets say 5% increase their speed effeciency by 0.1seconds. Thats means that 166 666 site hours have been saved. Quite a lot isnt’ it?

Google ofcourse created their own software for web developers, they wouldn’t want them using Yahoo!’s YSlow would they?

Download Googles Pageload Speed Tool to see how your site compares to the best practises.