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Social Snap Shots: a new way to interact with brands

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

If you are battling to keep up with social networking and new media, I certainly don’t blame you – They are growing faster than we can get our heads around them! SpyderLynk a mobile marketing and technology company has just set the next level of advertiser and consumer interaction. Social Snap Tags allows smart phone users access to a brand offer for special discounts, video clips, coupons, promotions, store locaters, free samples, etc.

Unlike 2D barcodes, Social SnapTags does not require the download of a special software application working for any consumer with a camera phone and messaging capabilities.

What are Social Snap Tags?

You will find Social Snap Tags on any advertisement. Using one’s mobile camera phone, a consumer can get access to brands’ information, specials, discounts, retail location and so forth. Furthermore consumers can ‘’like’’ or ‘’follow’’ a brand.

How Social Snap Shots work?

Social SnapTags turn your brand logo into an interactive marketing tool. Consumers with either a standard or smart camera phone can take and send a picture of the Social SnapTag to a designated short code or scan the Social SnapTag using a Social SnapTag Reader App to instantly access offers, content, promotions, and information.

Consumers may also begin to share these promotions and offers with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail directly from their mobile phones. This is how Social Snap Shots extend their footprint into social networking and e-mail.

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