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Zoopy- giving South African’s a chance to share with the world

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

It is always exciting when something great happens in South Africa, especially when it happens on the internet. You may have already heard about the South African “YouTube” creating waves amongst the internet surfers. Zoopy is its name and it certainly has left an impression.

In 2006, Zoopy was launched into closed beta where it then moved into live beta, available to the public on 5th March 2007. With some pretty high profile users like Helen Zille, Grant Haskin and Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro,) this online and mobile social media site has certainly been appreciated for a variety of different reasons.

▪ Share/ view videos

▪ Share/ view photos

▪ Share/ view audio clips

▪ Zoopy TV (content created by the Zoopy team)

With the character and personality of South Africans, what better way to show off our enthusiasm than offer a platform to express to the world the creative, artistic, clever, funny, talented, charismatic, colourful, glamorous, expressive side that we all have within us! (May be a little biased there) With the world cup successfully behind us, who wouldn’t want to continue seeing more from this exciting country?

How does Zoopy work?

Zoopy is fun, new and is South Africa’s first video and photo sharing social network. Why wouldn’t we need one of these considering the huge amount of talent we have on display in South Africa? Just like YouTube, Zoopy allows you to upload a variety of media, choose a channel, write a description and share with the world. Whether it’s funny or something a little more serious, even amateurs are able to contribute to Zoopy.

Once your upload is live it is able to be viewed by people all over South Africa and the rest of the world. Through using Zoopy you are also able to invite friends, family and who- ever you wish to view your media- provided they are a member of Zoopy. If however you choose to use Zoopy as you do YouTube, you are able to view videos and photos and enjoy the humor, interest and fun that others choose to share with the world.


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