The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Media Networks

Social media is a range of networks around the clock. Someone is always tweeting or updating their Facebook status. For social media managers, this could be problematic as they don’t have the time to be online 24/7. Even if you do work for a digital agency, you cannot be online all day long.

So how do you reach your audience best with the limited online time you have? Have a look at some suggestions below:

Trial and Error

By updating statuses and tweeting using link shorteners like, you can track how many times this link was clicked. It is also a good idea to keep a record of what you shared on which social media platform, to see what is working most effectively for your business. This also shows you the best times to post according to the level of engagement with fans and followers. Sounds pretty simple, but could be an effective method to use.

Social Media Tools

With the fame of social media, many monitoring and reporting tools have come about. Tools such as SocialBro allow you to pull daily reports on the best time to tweet. You can view the daily times that most users are online and capitalise on that. Other tools that can be used such as Hootsuite can be used for auto-scheduling to get your posts through to your audience at the best time, no matter how busy you are.


Be sure to remember your customers, product or service and the types of messages you are posting. Thanks to research, the infographic below shows us the best and worst times to post  on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest. To maximize your reach, be sure to post within the following times:

Social Media - when to post

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