The new era of SEO

The phrase Search Engine Optimisation seems to be becoming a more derogatory term for online marketers lately. The word, “Optimisation” implies an unnatural effort to favour your rankings on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This contradicts the goal of Google’s latest update that has been named Penguin, to root out black hat SEO strategies. With the latest Penguin update it seems that any unnatural behaviour will undoubtedly be penalised, which leaves an unanswered question – How do I “optimise” a website naturally?

The answer to this question is to focus any efforts on content marketing rather than a pure link building strategy. This can easily be achieved by targeting your content marketing into quality communities such as blogs, social media platforms and forums. Using a variety of link baiting techniques, successful and natural “link building” is achieved without focusing purely on link building as a whole.

In conclusion, your internet marketing strategy should focus primarily on good, quality content with clean and natural content distribution platforms. With quality content, you will find that link building will become automatic and natural as long as your content stays relevant to your targeted communities.

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