Top Technology Trends for 2014

Come 2014, the age of digital has more than made its mark. There is no need to go on about the dependency we all have on modern technologies. From home to business, we literally cannot live without it. Icreon Tech gives us technology predictions for 2014. Keep on top of all things tech by having a read-through.

  • Internal IT firms, software development companies and techno gurus will focus more heavenly on software launches. Making sure everything runs smoothly before the day of “go live”, is imperative not only for the website itself, but business image too. Expect massive changes in software to ensure mishaps like these are eradicated.
  • 2014 will see the boom of Mobile Gamification. Apps such as Waze and Spotify have already started using this type of technology to provide weekly summaries. Mobile gamification is in essence, software that incorporates game mechanic into users’ experiences over mobiles.
  • Web scale IT such as cloud-based portals and eco-friendly data centres will become more prominent. Expect to see mid to large sized enterprises to make use of these technologies.
  • Social media has become a massive channel for businesses to correlate with their audiences directly. It allows communication and advertising in real-time and expect to see more of a IT shift to occur within the social media realm.
  • Expect to see a rise in the connection between human interaction and PC systems. Think here of the Apple iPhone’s fingerprint recognition. These interactions are expected to be on the rise dramatically in 2014.

It’s impossible to imagine all the technologies that could emerge within the near future. When progressing at such a rapid pace, we can only wait and see what new and emerging technologies will aid and be beneficial, not only to businesses but the average every Joe too.


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