An introduction into LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing

By definition LSI is an indexing and retrieval method that makes use of a certain mathematical technique known as the Singular Value Decomposition.

The theory behind LSI, however, is not of importance to us. All we need to know is how LSI works. LSI considers other, somewhat related , words on your site with regards to ranking. In other words, excuse the pun, words taken from sites considered to be “authority sites” are set aside in a database that Google references when determining how to rank that page on your site.

Hints and Tips for using LSI to your advantage

Firstly you need to work out what your hot topic words are.

You can do this using Quintura (, Adwords broad-match keyword matching, Google’s new Wonder Wheel, use the Google Synonym Tool, or watch some of the little-known Google Tech Talks where they show their internal related keyword generator being used.

Once you have determined you hot topic words, you see how to rearrange your copy to have more mentions of the hot topic words closer to the beginning of the copy and how to mention them more than once without overdoing it.

Another tip would be to create a separate page for each of the hot topic words and link to and form the internally and within your page text. A perfect example of this can be found on the DiscoverSEO site (, where services are listed and then hyperlinked to the page focusing on that service.

Building links another way to build page rank through social bookmarking and manual link submission.

Checking the page rank of your website pages regularly is also important for you to monitor the progress of the SEO work you do on your site and to make the necessary adjustments accordingly.

That is the long and the short of LSI. All the best!

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