Apple boss, Steve Jobs steps down

So Steve Jobs the man we have come to know as “The Apple Man” has stepped down as Apple CEO and chairman. So what does this mean for Apple and the industry at large? There are so many questions on people’s lips but one thing is certain, Tim Cook the current COO will succeed Steve as Apples new CEO.

Tim Cook, was hand-picked by Steve Jobs himself, he has handled the top position repeatedly in the absence of the sickly Jobs. Though he may not be nearly as recognisable as Jobs, Cook had been running Apple since the beginning of 2011. The company has performed really well during that time and has rolled in billions of dollars in profit from around the world.

Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO does not necessarily mean he has left Apple completely – let’s just say he has taken the back sit, and he will continue to contribute his unique insights, creativity and inspiration. Many Apple fanatics hope that his wisdom will transcend through the newly appointed Cook.

On the other hand, Apple’s board of directors have “complete faith” that Tim Cook is the right person to replace him. There’s no doubt that Apple needs to persuade its investors and consumers that it will continue to produce innovative and trend setting technologies if they plan to retain their loyalty.

However, some industry experts don’t have full confidence in Apple’s future: Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research, said “Jobs’ maniacal attention to detail is what has set Apple apart from its competitors”. He also added “Apple’s product pipeline might be secure for another few years”, but he predicted that the company will eventually struggle to come up with market-changing ideas.

Apple’s future as the leading technology company after Steve Jobs’ departure is uncertain to some but the Apple brand is still as strong as ever. I guess from now on only time will reveal all.

Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple’s top man due to illness certainly brings new meaning to the saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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