Apple releases iPhone5S… so what?

If you find yourself asking questions like “What’s all the fuss about” or “Why is the world going nuts over a phone”, then, take a read…


Over the years, Apple has gathered quite a huge following. Year after year masses wait with bated breath for new updates on their Apple products. This year, it’s been the upgrade to the infamous iPhone 5- The iPhone 5S.

So, what’s the difference?

As each upgrade comes along, screen resolutions got sharper, CPU’s were faster, camera’s got better and apps were optimised. The same goes for Apple’s new iPhone offering. This time around, a little but more has changed than just the usual. On the surface, it looks pretty much the same as the iPhone 5. However, the fingerprint scanner proves to be somewhat of a novelty amongst the iPhone gang. Instead of having a password or a pattern locking system, simply swipe your finger on the screen and unlock your phone. The promise of feeling like a CSI detective is quite alluring.

The processor boasts an impressive 64bit and the video player shoots in slow-mo.

The biggest difference to the iPhone 5S is the core software, iOS 7. It’s brighter, it’s clearer and it’s gotten rid of drab wallpapers. Siri herself got a makeover. All apps and menus have been reinvented to be slicker and more refined. The Apple weather app boasts a new interface so that its background mirrors whatever the weather’s doing. Now that IS cool.

Should You Get it?

If you’re an avid Apple-er and iPhone fanatic, then yes. Explore the new interface and have a blast. If you don’t hyperventilate when your iPhone is not clasped tightly in your hand… Perhaps wait until something really catches your eye.

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