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5 Creative Ways to Spend your Lunch Break

Friday, May 24th, 2013

One of the best pieces of work advice you should take is – yes, to make sure that you take your lunch hour.

If you take preference in indulging in your food at your desk, think again – it’s an unhealthy habit! Having no sense of fresh air or sunlight on your skin for stretches of ten hours or more is really not good for your wellbeing. Take time to take a lunch break – you will be amazed at how useful that one hour can be to enhance your productivity and wellbeing.

Beyond running to the nearest service station or shop, shake things up with one of these creative ideas.

1.         Join a Lunch Network is a free online network that allows you to “get a lunch connection” or “get a lunch deal”. Here you can personally extend invitations to people and restaurants you want to connect with. It’s very simple, find who you want to lunch with and decide the terms, either “I’m Buying”, “You’re Buying” or “50/50”. Featured restaurants can also help with lunch deals for the day and if you’re a member, you will have early access to the best offers at hand!

For more information, check out

2.         Play “Lunch Roulette” with you Co-Workers

No matter the size of your company, you are bound to have co-workers that you have never had a decent conversation with. The idea of “Lunch Roulette” is to grab food with a co-worker you would like to get to know a little better. You will be amazed at how much you can learn about somebody with an hour and some food. Get to know the girl or guy sitting around the corner from you!

3.         Tap into your Smartphone

Be sure to remember the minicomputer in your pocket! Head outside and browse through some really cool and highly rated apps in your lunch hour.

  • Learn something new or engage in a story with Amazon’s Get access to over 100,000 audio books or iTunes’ podcast library for thousands of free podcasts.
  • Pictorious: Practice your iPhonography skills and compete in photo challenges— like snapping a pic of unexpected artor a silhouette. You can earn points and rewards as your images are up voted or down voted.
  • SCVNGR: Relax in an around your office environment using this mobile app. Scavenger allows you to complete tasks to earn points – points that lead to real life rewards!

4.       Get a Manicure

If you prefer disconnecting from all technology, head to a nearby salon and treat yourself with an express manicure. Be sure to return to your desk refreshed, with freshly trimmed and polished nails, a simple touch to add to the professional vibe.

5.       Work Out

If a work out in the evening is too tiresome, consider your hour lunch break to recharge your brain and muscles. This is a fabulous energy booster and of course, is healthy for you. Pack a change of clothes and your iPod for your lunch time work out and sweat out your frustrations for the hour, leaving you rejuvenated and energetic for the rest of your working day.



Social Business – The Focus of NetProphet 2011

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

So what is Social Business, who’s doing it, and why is it so important?

NetProphetNet Prophet 2011 opened up with yet another bang this year, with Rob Gilmour covering the overall history and success of NetProphet to date. This year being no different, but with attendance exceeding the 1000 people mark.

The general theme of the event was that of Social Business, and why we should all be thinking about getting involved. Although the concept is a rather fresh one, it’s something that many businesses, to a large extent are already very actively involved in. The sad fact however, is that most businesses haven’t even considered the idea.

So what is Social Business?

Social Business ThinkingImagine if you will the impact of businesses working together not only for profit, but, in the process, creating a business model that adds immense value to the broader community that surrounds it. How many times have you found yourself frustrated by a number of things that just don’t work? How many times have you thought to yourself, if I had the means, I could fix this, and make it better?

Now take this example to the next level. Imagine, you were able to conceptualise the solution, get the right team of people together, employ a vast number of free technologies to support it, raise some funding along the way, and in the process, not only fix the initial problem, but make life better for all those impacted by the same problem, and while you’re at it, make a profit from your initiative.

This is Social Business.

Social business is not about running a charity, or a non-profit organization. It’s not even about doing things for free. On the contrary, social businesses make good profits, and all the while, they are aiding a greater cause, eliminating a problem, or just simply making life easier for all those around them.

While this might sound somewhat utopian, social businesses are already a reality in most parts of the world, delivering much needed relief from a wide variety of global challenges.

Two examples of such social businesses are:

Young Africa Live, a mobile-based community portal developed by the praekeltfoundation, where young people can openly discuss critical issues such as love, sex and relationships with each other, and mPedigree, a mobile service in Ghana and Nigeria that verifies via SMS the authenticity of medication prior to being taken. Saving millions of lives and recouping lost revenue to pharmaceutical companies.

Social businesses are sustainable, they deliver true value to their community, they build trust and most importantly, lasting customer relationships, and loyalty. Another great thing about social business is that, if set up correctly, they are a great source of ever increasing annuity revenue for the founding businesses.

Technology and Social Business

With the level of technology at our fingertips today, the possibility of social business also becomes that much more of a reality. The misconception of limited Internet access in places like Africa is now superseded by present day mobile phone penetration, allowing us to reach a much wider audience immediately. Social Media allows us to share and consume content and media much faster, while also collaborating on multiple projects in real time. And finally, the Internet provides the power of research right on our doorstep.

So, the next time you are faced with a situation that you find somewhat frustrating, chances are, you are not alone. The difference however is that you might be in a unique enough position to bring about a change that has a long-term benefit to your community, while making you a handsome profit in the process.

Red Bull and Cell C present Red Bull Mobile

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

With Red Bull having a strong presence in South Africa, they have decided to spread their wings and expand their product offering. In partnership with Cell C, Red Bull launched Red Bull Mobile on 8th February 2011 into South Africa.

This joint venture between Red Bull and Cell C offers customers two branded packages and four phones to choose form.

Red Bull phones

The phones are Red Bull branded and come standard with Red Bull Music Academy Radio and Red Bull X- Fighters.

Red Bull packages

The two packages are made up of the RBM100 (R149 per month) and the RBM200. (R249 per month)

Through the Red Bull Mobile portal, customers will have access to:

  • Red Bull TV
  • Free Red Bull downloads
  • News and updates on Red Bull events and athletes
  • Weather
  • News
  • Local entertainment

Red Bull is focusing on providing their customers with freebies and benefits: great if you are into sports and action.

  • Tickets to Red Bull Racing
  • Tickets to Top Gear Live Festival
  • Monthly copy of Red Bulletin (Global magazine)

The Red Bull energy drink has been a booming success in the sporting world and has certainly been the drink of choice for many keen athletes and sleepy heads around South Africa. Whether or not they are able to succeed in the mobile market is something that only time will tell. However with Cell C on board, the relationship that these two exceptionally strong and successful brands have could be the beginning of bigger and better things for Red Bull.

JD Consulting comes third in the SIM Mini Challenge at JHB ZOO

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Sanlam Investment Management host a corporate challenge every year for 3 days. This years’ support charity is Cotlands.

JD Internet Consulting took part in the mini challenge event on Wednesday 5 May 2010 at the Johannesburg Zoo. This mini event was intended to replicate the Sanlam Investment Management South African Challenge.

The team members taking part and thus representing JD Consulting were Paul von Zeuner (Team Captain), Jonathan Houston, Nick Duncan and Megan Trow (the only girl on the team).

The challenge
The challenge was designed to introduce potential entrants to the main event, to the concept of Intelligent Sport.

The mini event itself was run free of charge while the main event has an entry fee of R 36 000 for the entire team which includes all the accommodation and meals during the event.

The schedule of the afternoon was as follows:
Teams needed to arrive and register between 14h30 and 15h30
Team Captain’s briefing 15h30 – 16h00
Event 16h00 – 17h30
Presentation and Cocktail party 17h30 – 20h00

When we arrived we registered and received our free t-shirts with our team number printed on the sleeve. JD Internet Consulting was team number 9. We were then also requested to be in a team photograph – one serious and one funny. We are looking forward to seeing how these photos come out :)

An introduction was then done by the event organisers and roll call was taken. The captains were then taken away for a team briefing. Once they returned we were given a chance to read the rules and get an idea of what was required of us. In terms of strategy, we tried to make a decision as to how we would become once we were given the maps.

How it worked
Each team had four members – no more and no less. The rules were simple. No crossing any grass areas – time penalties if you did. There were 10 questions we needed to answer – rated easy, moderate and difficult. Each question also had a corresponding clue. We had to attempt to answer as many correct questions as possible within the shortest amount of time. We were given two maps with the location of each question and its corresponding clue indicated on the map.. If you managed to get in before an hour then bonus applied. The cut off time for penalties was 1 hr 15 minutes.

No cell phones or GPS equipment was allowed on the course and the only pre-requisite on our side was to be dressed accordingly- in a running kit – shorts, t-shirts and running shoes. All the specialist equipment required during the course of the event was provided. One water point was also available, and water was also provided before the event.

Over a period of 2 hours the 17 teams that participated were challenged;

  1. PHYSICALLY as they navigate around the course
  2. INTELLECTUALLY as they solve mensa type puzzles
  3. STRATEGICALLY as they decide on the most effective plan of action

All this with the added pressure of competing against the clock and the rest of the field, testing communication under pressure, collaboration and time management – all important skills that are utilised in the SIM SA Challenge and every day in the workplace.

The course was pretty grueling with lots of hills and there was definitely a fitness requirement. We did however learn a lot a from the experience and had fun at the same time and would definitely played the game a little differently if we were given the opportunity to do it again.

Prize Giving and Results
At the prize giving we were treated to drinks and platters while we awaited the announcement of the results.

The results were calculated and read from last place to third. The only team that received a penalty for crossing the grass was the Cotlands team (10 mins).

JD Internet Consulting came third with 6 correct questions and a time of 55:54 – a mere 47 seconds off the second place teams time. The winners were the team from Liberty with a time of 1:04:40 and 9 correct questions.

First Prize was a free entry to the 3 day event to be held in September in the Magliesburg mountains valued at R36 000 per team of four.

Next Event and More Info
The next free mini event is to be held at the Groot Constantia Estate in Cape Town on the 12th May 2010.

Contact Coll P Macdonald – Invent Hospitality/Challenger World for more information.

Tel: 0861 001053
Fax: 021 761 6418
Mobile: 082 895 0171

Also visit the site at

Online marketing for the future

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

With the 2010 spectacular around the corner, marketing your small business online is definitely worth the effort. For those of you that don’t know where to start, I’ll outline some basic steps that will ensure you get the best out of this amazing opportunity.

Build a website
Find a good web development company to ensure that your business gets noticed online. I’d suggest choosing a well established company, one that includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) implementation.

Directory Listings
Getting your business noticeable is key. Add your business to as many online directories as you can find. Remember to keep it relevant to your site! For example, don’t add your business to an online farming directory if you’re selling accommodation. Ananzi and Aardvark are a good start, amongst many others.

Social Media
Twitter, facebook, etc. etc. are all really good ways of marketing online. This is ultimately the most popular method of online marketing. Get familiar with these online social communities and how they work, to effectively market yourself. Twitter reached 44.5million unique visitors for the month of June whilst facebook receives around 340million unique visitors each month. This is definitely worth your time.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
If you don’t have the time, or the ability to follow these steps, hire yourself a well known SEO company. They do this every day amongst hundeds of other tactics that will ensure your business succeeds.

Get started as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, the bigger head start your competitors are getting on you!