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There seem to be misconceptions about how e-mail servers work. People seem to think that e-mails work independently from the internet. In order for anyone to be able to send and receive e-mails regardless of the internet connection you’re using you need to have a good internet connection and speed.

Sometimes you’ll find that you are able to connect to the internet but when you click on “send and receive” you don’t get your e-mails. At this point you start to panic thinking your e-mail has been suspended or it is broken. Well sometimes it is suspended or broken but not everybody is aware that the path that the e-mails take while traveling through internet connections is different to that of the website servers.

In layman’s terms both your water pipe and electricity cables run underground, if the electricity cables break it doesn’t mean your water will stop running but if the water pipe bursts, it may affect your electricity. In this case if your internet connection is down, it will affect your e-mails because e-mails use the internet to travel from one address to the next; internet is the mails’ transport. You are asking yourself why don’t I get e-mails even though I have an internet connection.

You may have an internet connection but your signal maybe weak or your connection may be slow losing packets and data on its way to its destination. Because the connection is so bad the mail server takes about 60 seconds to open a session and push the e-mail through. If the 60 seconds are up and the session is still open then a second session is opened. By this time the two sessions are running simultaneously, which slows the connection even more. Every time that you click send/receive it opens the session and therefore delaying the time for the server to close the sessions.
Each session needs to be closed one after the other by the server before your e-mails will come pouring in again.

The best remedy is that as soon as you realise that outlook is hanging and none of your e-mails are coming in, you contact your server provider and find out if there are any internet connection problems that are delaying your e-mails before assuming the worse.

South Africa is currently experiencing severe degradation to international servers due to a cable break on the SAT3 international link. This affects everyone in South Africa because there are services that you will try to get to online but will not be available, hence your internet connection, depending on the routing that it takes may be affected leaving you with a slow internet connection. This means that a great many of us will have trouble either browsing the net or downloading our e-mails as effectively as usual.

According to Telkom, their technicians are presently working on the problem and will be resolved soon.

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