Flipboard Pages: A fresh way of browsing social online content

What is Flipboard Pages?

Publishers can now offer select content to iPad users in a new and engaging layout via Flipboard Pages. For example, when an article is shared on Twitter or Facebook, a Flipboard Pages user can simply press “Read Article” to read that article laid out in easy to print read magazine-style. Flipboard Pages preserve that pleasant traditional print magazine reading experience online. Many publishers are already offering their content via Flipboard Pages including:

  • ABC News
  • All Things Digital
  • Bon Appetit
  • Lonely Planet
  • SB Nation
  • SF Gate
  • Uncrate
  • The Washington Post Magazine

How do I benefit from Flipboard Pages?

As a publisher or writer you will be glad to know that Flipboard Pages has attracted a valuable and high-growth audience of social influencers and enthusiastic readers. The more appealing and reader friendly the layout , the more viewership will result and as a result of this, information will be retweeted, shared and “liked” more so than it otherwise would. Flipboard Pages will ultimately offer you the opportunity to cash in on your content by providing better layout.

How do I adjust how my article’s look on Flipboard Pages?

You can contact Flipboard Pages and they will be happy to work with you to show the level of text and images that you are comfortable with.

Get in touch at publishers@flipboard.com

Remember Flipboard Pages is absolutely free. All that is required is about 10 minutes, to design and construct the templates.

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