Google Caffeine – Be Prepared

If you’re in the online marketing industry, be prepared for some big changes. Google recently announced their latest project – Google Caffeine, which is set to change the search world. In essence, Google is rewriting the way they index sites and for the first time, we have a sneak preview of how this will affect our rankings.

For those that think this wont be a big change, think again. Matt Cutts has mentioned that this could compare to the Big Daddy update in late 2005. If you’re wondering how this is going to affect you, take a look at this comparative tool from Sembience which checks your current ranking of a keyword vs the Google Caffeine rank.

Here is a simple example of how rankings are already changing:

[caption id="attachment_175" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Google vs Google Caffeine"]Google vs Google Caffeine[/caption]

One of the most talked about changes with Google Caffeine is the way that Google gives preference to real time events and news and a lot of people are wondering if this is going to sacrifice the relevancy of the results. I’m not convinced about this. I believe that these change are needed to filter out all the irrelevant information that has built up along the years within the Google index. From now on, a lot more work will be needed to maintain your current rankings, meaning that all those untouched, forgotten websites with useless information will be thrown to the bottom of the ranks if it hasn’t been done so already.

In order to maintain a good ranking and keep your business alive you will now have to put as much time into your business online as you are offline.

Visit the Google Caffeine site and start getting prepared for what’s going to be a big change in the online marketing world.

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