Hyper-Local Marketing

What is it?local-marketing1

Although there is no solid definition for the term “hyper-local marketing”, the term can be summarised as follows. Hyper-local marketing is somewhat of a niched marketing. So, for example, this can be a marketing campaign targeted toward a specific region, to target a specific audience. Most of this type of marketing is done online.

Any marketing campaign has a number of key components:

  • Goals
  • Target market
  • Understanding of strengths and weaknesses
  • Activities
  • Measures
  • Feedback

Many of the same rules apply to hyper-local marketing strategies. It’s just being more relevant towards the targeted community and the immediate area of business that you’re advertising.


Hyper-local marketing deems a local strategy, a strategy that contains a local and familiar flavour in order to entice local audiences.

Targeting Your Market

Get to know the people that live around your business. In order to hyper-market a product or service, you need to really get to understand your audience on a more specific level.


Get to know your local consumer. By getting actively involved in the community you are targeting, you will gain insider information to the likes and dislikes, needs and wants of your desired target market.

Track Your Success

Feedback is of the utmost importance to ensure your hyper-local marketing technique and strategies are working. Do not underestimate the power of conversion rates. Measure your success through the use of different channels. EG, different Email addresses, mobile or code numbers are easily traceable. Make use of these technologies and improve your strategy continuously.


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