Instagram Discloses “Direct” as no Aim at Snapchat

Instagram’s new service, Direct, means that you may now send your Instagram photos to anyone you choose. For example, you have the option of sending it to everyone, just one person, or a particular group you have created.


Instagram Direct allows you to see once the person has liked the photo by sending a notification directly. For instant conversation, there is now a chat functionality included as well. Instagram will now integrate a Facebook-esque inbox to ensure your application is not inundated with messages. So whether or not someone is following you, you are able to send photos directly through an inbox model.

Instagram VS Snapchat

Instagram already has a community of 150million users. This could make the new feature to counter the threat posed by Snapchat. Snapchat recently turned down a 3 billion dollar offer from Facebook. So Instagram, being Facebook-owned has fought back, some might say. Although this hypothesis has been turned down by the creators of the new feature. Hashtags aren’t enough to share photos to different communities. Using this theory, integrating this type of feature makes sense for an application of this magnitude.

By using Instagram Direct, brands are going to be able to engage on a more personal level. For example, if you follow a certain brand on Instagram, they may target personalised messages to you. No matter what critics say, social media is booming. 2014 will see the even more rapid rise of mobile and we’re excited to see the possibilities that will occur.

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