Keep track of Business Mileage for Tax with a GPS

Innovative GPS Log Book DeviceGPS.LogBook

If you’re one of the unfortunate people who find themselves with a cubby-hole filled with papers and slips of recorded mileage, this new little gadget is for you. The GPS Log Book provides you with a convenient, hassle-free way of logging your mileage for the dreaded tax returns data.

Simple as 1 2 3…

Simply plug the Log Book into your vehicles’ cigarette lighter sockets and you’re ready to go. This device switches on and off with your car, so no need to push a button! This innovative piece of technology uses GPS satellites to track your movement. It’s even possible to merge trips and program your device to areas in which you find yourself travelling often.

Tax Shmax

All information is stored on Log Books’ servers. However, keep a personal record on your laptop month to month, by using the provided USB cable. When submitting data for your tax return, Log Books’ website can automatically generate a South African Revenue Complaint Book at a click of a button.


So save yourself and your car the hassle of storing slips and manual log books, and get yourself this handy gadget either on logbooks website or at your nearest Tiger Wheel and Tyre store.

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