Keeping up to date with the current Search Engine Optimization Trends

The clear cut world of advertising and marketing has undertaken a dramatic turn as of late. Traditional marketing methodologies such as the likes of newspapers and other print media are losing market share daily to the more interactive customer-orientated online marketing solutions available. These audiences are both more versatile, accessible and more consumer targeted.

In order to try and keep ahead of this online competition, you need to make an effort in keeping up with the latest SEO trends with regards to your own website.

Mentioned below are a few trends to keep in mind when building a new website or maintaining your current one:

Content is (STILL) king

It does not matter which way you look at it, the quality of content on a website is still as important as it has been since the very beginning – whether you are building new websites or rebuilding old ones. The more relevant the content the better the overall ranking of a site and the higher the traffic and generally the quality of the traffic too. Well written content engages the audience and also promotes the likelihood of quality links from other sites.

HTML vs XML site maps

Matt Cutts (Google Engineer) mentioned recently the importance of html site maps in website structures. According to him if you only have time to do one of the two being HTML or XML, he suggests working on the HTML one as it both increases usability when people search the site for information, and allows Google to easily crawl and index the pages.

Determining Keywords Trends using the Google Trends Application

Implementing a successful result orientated SEO strategy for websites involves good keyword selection. This information can be extracted from the “Google Trends” application –

Different keywords and keyword phrases related to the content and industry can be entered into this application and the report generated will give an indication as to how often these keywords and phrases are searched for compared to past searches – which can be viewed as daily, monthly or yearly results. Using this application to improve your content can help generate more traffic to your website and improve your rankings on Google. By incorporating the words and phrases in your content that experience high volumes of searches, you are able to keep up to date with current keyword search trends and stay ahead of your competition.

There are a number of ways to use Google Trends information to improve your SEO results

  1. Compare the performance of two or more keywords and use the one that performs better within the content of your site. This helps with ranking.
  2. Check keyword performance across different user locations and filter the results accordingly. This will help with relevancy.
  3. Google Trends gives a summary of keyword performance from 2004 to date. This will enable you to select keywords that have had a history of solid stable performance.
  4. Google Trends provides information to identify why certain changes in general search takes place and this will also aid you when choosing relevant reflective keywords.
  5. Google Trends provides information for keyword performance across the various languages.
  6. Any drop in the traffic to your website can be investigated by checking the search trends results.

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