The Launch of Twitter Ads Promises Big Things for South African SME’s

On the 13th of May 2014, global social media platform, Twitter, launched its Paid Ads initiative in South Africa. Small business in South Africa can now increase the impact of their marketing with self-serve advertising products. Twitter’s advertising platform has launched in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Japan and South Africa. We are one of the first 6 countries in the world to have access to these ads. As it stands, a year ago, Twitter ads launched in the US and just in November, the UK. Since then, it has showed promising results for both countries.

Barry Collins, the Director of Small Businesses for Twitter is more than optimistic about the success of this new advertising platform. He is excited that South Africa has been the 5th chosen country to be able to have access to this service and is ecstatic to see the results thereof.

Collins goes on to explain Twitter Ads in more detail. The Twitters Ads initiative, is a self-service ad service. This allows all SME’s to take full advantage for their enterprise. Before this platform was released, businesses were only able to reach Twitter members if they were following their account. The Twitter Ads now takes this to a whole other ballpark.

Benefits of Twitter Ads for SME’s:

  • Able to reach Twitter users who aren’t following you
  • Able to now increase your reach
  • Allows you to target your services not only nationally, but globally tootwitter-ads-in-sa
  • No minimum ad spend, making it extremely accessible to all small businesses

As this new Twitter tool is a performance based feature, there is also a Twitter Analytics Tool which enables you to:

  • See who is following you
  • Who’s new to your following
  • Who is engaging
  • Allows you to make changes in real-time

As social media is a great tool to review complaints about products and able to resolve these matters in real time, across a global stage. Small businesses can use the new Twitter Ads Analytic to address certain issues, head on.

Twitter Ads Services

1.       Promoted Tweets

This enables you to extend your reach of tweets to your followers, along with non-followers.

2.       Promoted Accounts

Small businesses will use this tool to gather more followers

Barry Collins says thousands of SME’s in the other 5 countries are flourishing with great success and promises Twitter users there are already expansion plans for the future.

For more information on Twitter Ads check out or follow @twitterza_SME for all sorts of tips, tricks and webinars on how to get started.

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