Marketing 101: Know Your Audience

It goes without saying, by knowing your audience; you learn to make your business thrive.Identify_Your_Audience

Audit Your Audience

Pay attention to your visitor profiles no matter what business you run. By knowing who is viewing your sire you begin to gain an understanding on the particular audience viewing your website, and who you want to be looking at your site. Monitor you visitor profiles though analytics programmes to keep track of who is paying attention to your business. By using this information, you can tweak your site and develop marketing campaigns to further your reach.

Using Visitor Profiles To Optimise

By understanding who is visiting your site, how frequently and what they’re doing on your site aids you in developing a feasible marketing plan.

Cassie Lancellotti-Young is the VP of client optimisation and analytics at a company called Sailthru. She recommends personalizing marketing strategies based on the “BUS”(behavioural, usage, situational) model.

  • Behavioural

What time of the day are the customers browsing?

When does the customer convert?

What devices are mainly used?

Is it through an app or mobile web?

  • Usage

By analysing usage, you reaffirm the importance of what marketers have looked at before: frequency of purchases, how often etc.

  • Situational

This is about factors which could be affecting users’ behaviours. So for example, why are people not engaging?

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