Minimalism Within The World Of Digital Marketing


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

The concept of “brands” is complex. It is a world full of strategy and complex ideas, which is why simplicity within the digital marketing sphere is of the ultimate importance. By making concepts simple and easy to grasp, you add a high amount of value and admiration to your brand.

The Role Of A Brand Owner

  • Live the brand purpose
  • Ensure product works
  • Make it available demonstrate product
  • Communicate brands value
  • Engage with customers

Customers are looking for things that will make their lives easier. They want solutions that are readily available without much fuss. They want reduced clutter and complication. Marketers sometimes get lost in the battle of the digital realm by unnecessarily complicating things. Competitiveness can play a role in this. By seeing what others do, certain marketers will follow. A common misconception is that the more complex something is, the more intelligent the scheme. The justification of “our field is just as complex as yours”, needs to be scrapped. Why? Because, this is not benefitting your users and audience, thus not benefitting you.

Digital Frustration

In this digital world, marketers are often faced with the problem of audiences not understanding the digital sphere. This is where simplicity will take your further. It’s true, many people do not understand the world of digitalised marketing, that is why it’s your duty to make things as simple as possible i order to reach audiences.


At the end of the day, experts in any field should not be driven to show how smart they are. Your end goal is your client, thus “dumbing down” your campaigns will benefit them and aid then in understanding, and providing you with adequate revenue.


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