Pageload speed – A new SEO factor?

It seems as if Google will probably be implementing pageload speed to their algorithm. Of course, this does make sense… somewhat. The quicker the page loads, the quicker you get the information, the happier you are. Right? Right. I guess this makes Google (and every other search engine) happy as well due to the fact that their bandwidth usage drops, and crawling speeds pick up making available more capacity for more information to be crawled at the end of the day. Which in turn is good for us at the end of the day

Just think about this for a minute. If there are 120billion websites (wild guess), and lets say 5% increase their speed effeciency by 0.1seconds. Thats means that 166 666 site hours have been saved. Quite a lot isnt’ it?

Google ofcourse created their own software for web developers, they wouldn’t want them using Yahoo!’s YSlow would they?

Download Googles Pageload Speed Tool to see how your site compares to the best practises.

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