Pinterest to unveil redesigned profiles soon

By now most of us have heard of or are already using and enjoying the services of the social photo sharing site, Pinterest. For the benefit of those that have been living under a rock, Pinterest lets you organise and share interesting images and information you find on the internet, with other users who may share common interests with you.

The most fun comes from browsing  pinboards created by other users. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. Like Facebook and Twitter, you also have your own profile on Pinterest.

Speaking of profiles, Pinterest will soon launch new profile pages – an important step that will make users find like-minded people more easily. According to co-founder and CEO of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, the new profile pages will look nothing like the profiles you might have on other social networking sites. In other words, Pinterest’s avid users will soon — perhaps as early as this week — be greeted by a redesigned homepage when logging into the social photo blogging network.

Pinterest only launched in 2010, but in the past year, it has seen astronomical growth and now counts as one of the top 10 social networks. With over 10.4 million registered users in barely 2 years, decision makers at Pinterest must be making all the right moves! Perhaps introducing redesigned profiles for users is one of those moves. Additional to the new profiles, Pinterest users will be able to pin videos from Hulu, Netflix, and other sources.

In a nutshell , the primary focus of the facelift is to improve upon the community elements of Pinterest. Revised profile pages will make it easier to find other members with similar pinning habits, while also providing a method of quickly back-tracing re-pins to find the original source of a popular post. Aesthetic upgrades are en- route as well, with the company setting out to give Pinterest profiles a style of their own.

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