search engine movements : new and old

It looks like the Search Engine battles and shake ups are never going to end. Earlier this week Ask announced that they were no longer going to be competing in the search engine market as they saw Google as being market leaders controlling the majority of the market and (Im guessing) they were not too keen on reinacting the David & Goliath story.

Rise up Blekko

As one falls though, another rises to takes its place. The latest search engine on the block is one called blekko. Now while they are definitely no Google; they are certainly putting a few interesting search query parameters to the table.

One of these is their “slashtags”; which appear to be ways of profiling your search queries. These slashtags can be created by users and then saved for future searches. Essentially its exacltly like a list in Twitter.

Other than this small “feature” their user GUI is very traditionally Google (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). What they currently don’t have is additional refined searches like image search, news, blogs and news.

What is painfully missing from the search results is a form of paid advertising. Whether this means that they are hoping to gain some traction before unleashing their advertising model on their users; or if they are not sure if monetising their site is right at the moment(sounds a lot like “the social network” that).

Google review

Whatever the case is; this will be an interesting search engine to keep an eye on. I’m under no illusions that they are going to topple the mightly Google; but competition is always healthy.

Interesting to watch though while we are back on familiar ground is the rumours starting to slowly turn around the rumour mill that Google may “influence” the search results when it is a Google property that needs to rank.

Or is this just the talk of disgruntled SEO “gurus” who can’t get it right or perhaps even other search engines trying to tarnish a still superior reputation?!

Only time will tell what will happen – but this is one we will be watching very closely!

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