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SEO copywriting vs. other styles of writing

Friday, November 18th, 2011

What is online or SEO copywriting? Well, SEO is the acronym for the phrase “search engine optimisation.” Search engine optimisation is all about doing specific things to your website to drive more traffic to it with the aim of getting a certain reaction from the people visiting your site. Whether it’s to get them to purchase something online or simply get them to enquire about your company’s product or service, their experience on you site needs to be interesting and helpful.

What are some of these things?

There are a few but here we will discuss how SEO copywriting as a style of writing achieves those results. SEO copywriting is unique from other forms of writing such as magazine writing or a newspaper writing. SEO writing focuses on specific “key words or phrases” that make your website or specific web page on your site emerge on the first page of a search list – which is essentially where you want to be. However this is only possible provided the writer has adhered to specific SEO protocol which includes:

  • Finding the correct search term or phrase for your product or service (there are a few online tools which online Copywriters use for this)
  • Using the search term or phrase only a certain amount of times without over using or misusing it
  • Avoiding very long words (words with multiple syllables)
  • Not writing very long sentences
  • Having an appropriate and appealing topic if writing an online article
  • SEO copywriting must still be readable and persuasive like any other style of writing

Styles of SEO writing

Online writers write articles, press releases and “optimise” existing web content. The copywriter must keep in mind all the above mentioned SEO “rules” when writing articles. Press releases are similar but cover more than just one topic. Optimising web content is simply increasing the use of a specific key term or phrase on a particular page of a website with the hope of making that page rank higher during a search.

Writing for magazines, news papers, pamphlets or even bill boards, the Copywriter writes easy to read, enjoyable and compelling copy with the aim of persuading you into taking a certain action. Whilst SEO copywriting is steered in the same direction, the online Copywriter has a goal of making a company’s website or specific web page on the site rank highly in a search.

The foremost goal of SEO copywriting is to produce succinct, effectively persuasive text for a well-written web page and to make it rank highly during a search.

Exploring Online Writing as a Copywriter

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Billboards, magazines, websites, newspapers, radio, TV, pamphlets: they all have one thing in common. They are copy driven.  However within each industry, Copywriting requires something different.

Getting your online writing onto Google

Copywriting for the web or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Writing as it is better known, is the process of steering traffic towards a website. By using a selection of carefully chosen keywords, SEO writers need to ensure that the article or piece of writing will appear among the top search results. Depending on the amount of times the (highly searched) word is used in the piece of writing, it will rank higher.

As the importance of being on the World Wide Web has increased for companies all over the world, so has the demand of SEO Writers. Being aCopywriter of this sort is demanding as businesses want to rank top among other websites within their industry. To ensure that they get there and most importantly, stay there is an ongoing process. There are various types or styles of writing that as a Copywriter, you need to be able to adapt to.

All of these are very different and hence require a Copywriter to be dynamic and flexible within their tone and style.

Being able to flirt with creativity, whilst remaining informative is key. Readers usually glance through the information they come across on the web and should they not find what they are looking for, they will leave the page. Website visitors read online information for only one reason: they want answers conveniently placed on the page. As an Online Copywriter, it is your job to spoon feed that information to them. This is achieved in various ways.

  • An extremely effective heading
  • Sub- heading
  • Bullet points
  • Call to actions
  • Links/ back links
  • Get to the point
  • Provide clearly visible contact details
  • Highlight words of interest

As a career, Copywriting can take you on a journey through bounds of research, which is a large part of any Copywriter’s job. With so many Copywriting  avenues to explore, Online Copywriting is a great place to develop oneself. Not only does it allow you to expand on your writing knowledge, it also provides the opportunity to be exposed to various styles and a huge portfolio of brands, topics and trends.