Talooma revealed to clients at the “Yellow Launch”

Over the last few months, there has been much stress, panic, fun and games revolving around our “Yellow Launch.”  After sending out teaser mailers and invitations to all our clients and preparing for one of the biggest and most exciting moments in JD Internet Consulting’s history, we are proud to announce that we have refreshed and recreated our brand. The unveiling of “Talooma”, which is our new name, created much hype and excitement amongst our clients and especially the hard working staff at Talooma. Over the last few months, there has been much dedication to hard work, brain power and creativity that has gone into launching our rebranded company.

The name “Talooma” originates from the Swahili term for “professionalism.”  After much debate and research it was decided that yellow and grey would represent the new brand. The fresh, original approach is carried throughout our logo, website and within the company as a whole.

The launch, which was hosted at The Business Centre in Fourways, was a great success.  We asked all our guests to bring a yellow colored gift for the SPCA. We received an  impressive collection of donations which will be going to the SPCA in Nigel.

With almost all of our clients at the event, there was much mingling, eating and fun to partake in. The evening  begun with snacks and drinks outside and later moved indoors so that our guest speakers could reveal what the “Yellow Launch” was all about. This was long awaited as all of our clients were in the dark with regards to what the launch involved.

When our new name “Talooma” was introduced to the guests, the Talooma team threw streamers and decorations into the crowd. The banner was unveiled and Talooma was born. This very exciting moment was certainly well earned by the new Talooma team.

We at Talooma look forward to working with our clients and taking on new challenges within the world of the internet. We thank all our clients who attended the “Yellow Launch” and for all the support over the years.

Talooma’s new website is something we are all very proud of. We feel that it not only represents our rebranded company perfectly but also each one of us at Talooma. Check it out, www.talooma.com

Ceri is the Sales and Marketing Director at Talooma. Over about 15 years, Ceri has developed his passion for meeting people and selling, during which time he has mastered the art of networking and consulting. Ceri has enjoyed watching the Internet industry grow over the past 10 years in South Africa and has been very fortunate to have been a part of it.
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