Technology: 3D Holograms for Organ Diagnostics

This is beyond cool. When the Tu Pac hologram in Coachella made its appearance, holograms became real to the masses. Doctors have Holographic.Organtaken this to the next level with 3D holograms of patients’ organs.

A Mexican enterprise, Echopixel, created this unique software that allows doctors to use 500- 1000 images of a patients respective organ, through MRI’s or CT scans, and manifest them into actual holograms that may be manipulated for diagnostic  treatments. This technology opens up the medical world to a range of less invasive treatments and diagnosis. Echopixel created a computer system called ZSpace, which allows doctors to use a flat screen for the projected hologram feature.

The program uses the images of the organs taken from scans and fuses it with a tri-dimensional form. This allows the flat image to be volumised.

Science at its best, this holographic technique allows surgeons to manipulate the hologram, for example, opening up a vein or enlarging it to get to areas that wouldn’t be so visible through surgery or scanning. This allows for views of tumours etc, which may be underlying.

Although not 100% fool proof, this technology proves we have much more to be discovered and created in the terrific field of technology.

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