The RAMP Foundation – Net Prophet Bursary

The Ramp Foundation, started by Ramp Group, is a N.P.O focused on inspiring, educating and equipping entrepreneurs in South Africa. Most entrepreneurs in South Africa struggle to get the capital required to fund their ideas. The Ramp Foundation seeks to provide these ambitious entrepreneurs with the capital outlay.

Net Prophet Bursary

The Net Prophet Bursary was established to assist those who have the innovation and desire to succeed but do not have the financial backing to do so. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur within the technology industry, then the Net Prophet Bursary is the place to go for financial help. Through a magnitude of pledges made by individuals, The Net Prophet Bursary along with its reputation and guidance, makes the most of crowd-sourced funding to make their innovative ideas of tomorrow become a reality.

The Net Prophet Bursary will benefit those with a high propensity to innovate in technology, yet do not have the knowledge required or the funds available to live their dream.

These Numbers Have Faces will help us with the application and selection process, identifying the best educational institution, coaching the individuals personally and professionally, and provide us with feedback in order to communicate to all the donors.

If you are a willing donor to this amazing cause, The Ramp Foundation has made it easy enough to pledge. By sending a tweet such as the one below, Net Prophet will contact you directly.

[caption id="attachment_418" align="aligncenter" width="503" caption="How to pledge to the Net Prophet Bursary"]How to pledge to the Net Prophet Bursary[/caption]

There are other great initiatives that the Ramp Foundation has started. Ideas such as the Net Prophet Conference and the RAMP Startup School are both amazing initiatives and will definitely help you in reaching your dream.

To find out how you can get your startup funded, visit the Get Funded page on their website.

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