Twitter Execs Rake in the Cash Money

The first 2 weeks of a new month is a depressing time for most. Debit orders have come off and payments have gone out, not leaving you with much to play with. However… Twitter executives and investors have found themselves rolling in the dough after Twitter shares recently hit the open Market on Thursday.

Twitter Shares

On Thursday Twitter shares hit the open market. The original target price was sitting at $26 per share (announced the Wednesday before). At the opening bell, shares hit up to $45.10 per share!

It’s all About the Money

Naturally, this price increase made Twitter executives very happy. Their wallets certainly thickened by a substantial amount.

  • Evan Williams- Co-Founder: $2.56 Billion

Having provided the capital need to operate Twitter from the very beginning, Evan certainly got back and then some. Having once been the CEO, he has definitely walked away with the biggest piece of pie.

  • Rizvi Traverse Management- Private Equity Firm: $3.82 Billion

This private equity firm holds about 9% of Twitter and thus rightfully walks away with quite a hefty sum.

  • Spark Capital- Investor: $1.46 Billion

Back in 2008, Spark Capital invested in the Tweeting business.

  • Peter Fenton- Investor: $1.42 Billion

This Benchmark Capital partner invested in Twitter 4 years ago in 2009,

  • Jack  Dorsey- Former CEO: $1.05 Billion

Twitter’s well-known former CEO and now Chairman.

  • Dick Costolo- CEO: $345 Million

With a mere 1.4% in the company, $345 Million ain’t bad.

  • Adam Bain- President of Global Revenue: $80 Million

Bain oversees Twitters overall ad strategy.


Not bad eh? Perhaps next time you’re looking to invest, try a a little dabbling in the social media realm.

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