Will SEO still exist in 5 years?

There is a lot of speculation going around at the moment about whether or not SEO will still be around in the next 5 years. With books such as “SEO is Dead” and the recent remarks from Matt Cutts, a lot of people will surely believe this idea. Despite Matt Cutts recent remarks, he has mentioned before that he believes SEO will still exist in 5 years. He goes on to mention that by using SEO, you are trying to put your websites best foot forward and that not all SEO companies use blackhat or illegal methods to achieve this. Make sure you do your research beforehand when choosing which company you would like to market your website.

With regards to the book titled “SEO is Dead“, which I believe to be a pretty good marketing campaign and has caused plenty of controversy, this book essentially highlights the fact (amongst others) that social media has become one of the most important methods of advertising online.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about SEO being extinct in 5 years. As long as there are search engines, and people who dont have a clue about how to market their business online, there will always be room for SEO’s and SEO marketing.

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